What to really do when the jellyfish sting

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There’s a lot of information floating around out there about what to do when stung by a jellyfish. While we, at Bill Luther Vacation Rentals, are not medical professionals, we have seen enough instances to generally recommend what works best and what doesn’t.



Contrary to what Joey Tribiani would have us believe when Monica Geller was stung, you do not have to find a friend who loves you enough to relieve themselves on your sting to get rid of the burn.

  • Instead, try rinsing the area with vinegar. If vinegar is not available, use a baking soda solution.
  • Also, make sure to remove any lingering tentacles from your skin with tweezers.
  • Soaking the area in hot water (not scalding) may also help to reduce the pain.


Important points to keep in mind.

  • Just because the jellyfish is on the sand does not mean it can’t sting you any longer. Make sure not to touch them or step on them.
  • Similar to wolves on land, jellyfish like to travel in pacts.
  • Also similar to wolves, jellyfish will attack in groups to defend their territory.
  • Note to self – avoid packs of jellyfish



Of course, the best thing to do is avoid the jellyfish altogether, thereby negating the need to treat the sting.

  • Sit on the patio of your ocean front vacation rental and yell suggestions to the poor saps on the sand and in the water who do get stung.
  • Maybe offer them some vinegar or tweezers if you are feeling hospitable.
  • Be sure to keep a sympathetic look on your face, while feeling triumphant in your sting avoidance success.




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