How to keep your home clean when hosting a holiday

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I think we can all agree the worst thing about a huge holiday meal, aside from the impending food coma that lays you out for hours, is the clean up afterwards. Plates, cups, utensils, mixing bowls, spatulas, pots, pans, measuring spoons – kind of like a Williams Sonoma hurricane blew through.


We, at Bill Luther Vacation Rentals, feel your pain. Which is why this year, we are offering you a solution for that.


Make your holiday dinner at a Mission Beach vacation rental instead. That way when you accidentally knock your wine glass over on to the counter covered with flour that you’d planned to roll out the pie crusts on, you won’t feel as bad when the resulting pinkish sludge that dried in the corner doesn’t come all the way off the counter top. That’s what you paid a cleaning fee for.


The turducken explodes in the oven, raining stuffing, meat bits, and juices everywhere? We’ve got a service that will set the self-clean option once you check-out.


All the forks have been used and there’s nothing but butter knives left to eat your pie and ice cream with? All of our Mission Beach vacation rentals come equipped with dishwashers. We even supply the dishwasher soap. Technically, we don’t offer dishwasher loading services, as a full-service property management company, but if a piece of that pie with ice cream was offered up in exchange, I think we could be persuaded.


Still little bits of ribbon and wrapping paper scattered all over the room because Aunt Daisy found the scissors and she fashions herself a Henri Matisse from his Cut-Outs period? Someone else will be vacuuming once you vacate.


Don’t even want Aunt Daisy there? Tell her the vacation rental management company has a strict maximum for people staying in the unit, and you’re sorry but between the kids and your parents, you’re all filled up.


We think that about covers it. And whether you choose to take us up on this offer, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.







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